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Pottery Fruit Windfalls

Not the pristine artificial fruit that adorns many households Merryfield Pottery Windfalls reflect the real organic look that lies under a tree or is picked from the Summer Strawberry Bed.

The Pottery Savoury Picnic Collection

Sunny Days and Picnic Time – A slice of Cheese and a Glass of Wine

Merryfield Pottery Cheese Shaped Bottlestoppers and Trinket Boxes complimented by our Pork Pie Collection

For that gift to savour

Bakehouse Selection

Who can resist a biscuit

Your favourite must be amongst the Merryfield Pottery selection moulded into Trinket Boxes, Fridge Magnets and Quirky


Or Choose something special from the Merryfield Pottery Patisserie – Jewellery Boxes, Macaroons or Cupcake Trinket Boxes.

Fancy a Doughnut or Éclair then pick from our irresistible Pottery Treats!