About Merryfield Pottery

We are pleased to say that we are able to continue producing our pottery and welcome both online and Trade Enquiries either for now or the future – STAY SAFE – Helen, Jeanette and Tony

In the 1960s our grandfather, using utmost skill and patience made many of the original models for the Babbacombe Model Village then renowned for its authenticity. He worked mainly from home and our pottery is now housed in his former workshop less than a mile from the sea.

Very much a family business the boss is our TOM, shown overseeing some new lines or mostly in his “I`m not asleep I`m thinking” mode amongst the pottery laid out in the sun to dry in a quiet corner of the garden.

All is not what it seems! At our Merryfield Pottery Studio in Torquay, we have explored the concept of making useful items inspired by and replicating everyday food from biscuits and cakes to fruit and cheese they include everybody’s favourites. A very successful collection both made and painted by us and competitively priced.

 From thought to retail. Our Merryfield Pottery Wellington Boots were inspired by a lost boot left on a wall! It led to an exciting range of designs with many uses.

Not forgetting our very collectable much loved Merryfield Pottery Cats which include Bottlestoppers, Candle Snuffers, Paperweights, Pincushions and Thimbles among our hand-painted happy-faced felines.

All of our products are hand-painted and produced by us in our Torquay studio from our own original models. Please enjoy browsing our pottery products and thanks for taking the time to visit us.